Mueller Foreign Law Office specialises in corporate law, commercial law, distribution law, and general contract and civil law, litigation and special issues of German-Japanese trade transactions.

Support for start-ups (Establishment of a company)
We established numerous subsidiaries for German and Swiss companies in Japan. We offer customized packages for medium-sized clients which ensure rapid and easy participation in the Japanese business market.

Together with experienced trial attorneys, we support enforcement of claims for European clients in Japanese civil court proceedings as well as for Japanese clients in German civil court proceedings. We are very experienced in warranty claims and claims for damages related to distribution and export business and handle also the technical aspects of such cases.

Distribution Issues and Agency Law
Supporting the legal structure or alteration of distribution in Japan, Germany and Switzerland: Issues of subsidiaries, distributors and sales representatives as well as representation in cases of conflict.

International Arbitration
As an active member of the Japan Commercial Arbitration Association (JCAA) and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb), attorney Michael A. Mueller is available as arbitrator in Japan.
Michael Mueller is co-author of the "ASIA ARBITRATION GUIDE" and provided the overview on arbitration in Japan.

Additive law Japan (Food Law)
With our experience in the food additive law, we support foreign food and food additive manufacturers to enter the Japanese market.

Joint Ventures, M&A
Finding suitable partners or target companies with good access to the market and innovative technology. We are experienced in negotiation and integration of joint venture projects and support minimizing legal risks by comprehensive due diligence projects.

General contracts in economic transactions, negotiation and monitoring
Bilingual contract drafting and negotiation of English-Japanese and German in all fields of economic transactions, taking into account differences in mentality and preserving the client's interests.

Labour Law
We secure your employment of Japanese employees and officers in Japan and expatriates from Europe. This includes drafting of employment contract and social security issues as well as dismissal cases. Also questions of the Japanese residence right are answered in this course. For Japanese corporate clients we provide support in German labour law.

International Development Cooperation
A network of experts in addition to the legal framework allows design and evaluation of technical issues.